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    我公司研制開發的高溫高鋁陶瓷是核電、高鐵、風電鑄件專用系列產品,是國內供應核電鑄件主泵泵殼(華龍一號主泵泵殼)的鑄造輔材高溫陶瓷澆道供應商,我公司與核電鑄件生產企業進入深度合作,產品性能穩定,深受客戶好評。高溫莫來石陶瓷是高溫合金鑄件專用系列產品,其材質純白,透氣性更優,適合高溫合金鑄件澆鑄要求,以上兩個系列的產品的主要優點有:High-temperature and high-alumina ceramics developed by our enterprise is the specialized series products for nuclear power, high speed rail and wind power casting. As the only domestic provider of high-temperature ceramics pouring gate, as the auxiliary material of nuclear power casting class 1 case of main pump (case of Hualong No.1 pump), we deeply cooperate with nuclear power casting manufacturer to produce the products with stable performance which are appraised by customers. High-temperature mullite ceramics is the specialized series products for high-temperature alloy casting. Owing to its features of pure white texture and better breathability, it meets the casting requirements of high-temperature alloy casting. The above two series products have the following advantages:

    (1)耐火度高(>1750℃),耐沖刷,澆注后澆道內表面無熔蝕,解決了澆道熔蝕物進入鑄件本體。(1) High fire-resistant degree (>1750℃), washing-out resistance, no corrosion in the internal surface of pouring gate after pouring. It solves the problem that corrosives enter casting。

    (2)化學穩定性好,高溫下不與鑄件的金屬熔液發生化學反應,解決了因澆道產生的金屬污染。(2) Good chemical stability. It doesn’t react with metallic solution under high temperture; and it solves metal contamination caused by pouring gate.

    (3)抗熱震性能強,澆注過程中無炸裂,解決了澆道碎片進入金屬熔液。(3) Strong earthquake resistance and no blasting in pouring. And it solves the problem that the debris of pouring gate enters metallic solution 。

    (4)透氣性能優,能有效排除氣體,解決了澆注過程中澆道產生的氣孔缺陷。(4) Good air permeability. It can effectively exhaust air and solve blow hole defects of pouring gate in pouring。

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